We are members of the healthcare community formerly established in 2004 as Global Pharmaceuticals, LLC. Our staff has provided supplies, medication and consultant services to many healthcare facilities, We have serviced hospitals (Greater Baton Rouge Surgical Hospital), served as consultants to the United States Government Hospitals (VA Hospital), state and local municipalities, and privately owned institutions. 

Our efforts are centered in service that offers you the best product at the lowest possible price. We have more than 30 years of experience in servicing the healthcare industry. We have continually provided a strong ethical and diligent service to our clients. We will provide 24/7 availability to your staff and go far and beyond to meet your healthcare needs.

We are registered consultant pharmacists. Our business practices are professional. We provide medical supplies, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and drug consultations. Our organization will deliver the best product utilizing the most advanced management practices to fulfill your needs. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality product while maintaining high standards in the healthcare industry.

We are Global Pharmaceutical. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!